Workpackages descriptions

The aim of the TOPVOYS project is to advance and implement analyses tools and decision support system for voyage optimization. Based on marine weather analyses and forecasts including wind, wave and surface current conditions, sea surface temperature fields, ship characteristics and cargo requirements, the best shipping route will be determined. The proposed approach aims to identify the optimum balance between minimization of transit time and fuel consumption and reduction of emissions without placing the vessel at risk to damage or crew injury. The tools will be tested both in post-voyage analyses and real time operations for North Atlantic Ocean crossings, voyages from Europe through the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Channel to the Far East (e.g. China, South Korea) and voyages around Southern Africa including porting in Cape Town.

The work is broken down into the following 8 work packages and respective lead partner.

WP1: Review of best practices and identification of deficiencies. Lead: NERSC

WP2: Review of shipping company´s routing requirements. Lead: CMA-CGM’

WP3: Identification and procurement of routing information sources. Lead: OceanDataLab

WP4: Design of advanced tools for voyage optimizations. Lead: OceanDataLab

WP5: Testing of tool performances. Lead: Actimar

WP6: Integration and implementation of the tools into a decision support system. Lead: Actimar

WP7: Synthesis, Dissemination and Communication. Lead: NERSC

WP8: Training courses and training material. Lead: NERSC